In addition to uWiki, a number of other mobile HCI projects are currently using d-touch as a marker recognition library: FoodTracer, Mobile Audio Cards and video d-touch.


(Giuseppe Costanza)

FoodTracer is a mobile phone application that visualizes information about the origin, production and distribution of food, including the amount of natural resources consumed in the process. FoodTracer is designed to be used in supermarkets, to enable its users to make better informed decisions while they shop. The application empowers consumers by providing them with information in context and allowing them to compare different products. On a wide scale consumer choices can determine changes in food industry practices and trades. For more information please refer to the FoodTracer website.

Mobile Audio Cards

(Enrico Costanza, Tal Drori, Michal Rinott and Fran├žois Suter)

Mobile Audio Cards is a mobile application for the manipulation and sequencing of sounds through a set of physical cards with d-touch visual markers printed on them. The main purpose of the application is to support and enhance children story telling. The project also explores a number of UI design variations, assessing different ways to represent actions (e.g. play, record) and objects (the audio clips) with a combination of physical and digital elements of the interface. This project was partially supported by a Short Term Scientific Mission of the Sonic Interaction Design COST European project

d-touch video

(Enrico Costanza and Giuseppe Costanza)

d-touch video is a simple application that associates video clips to d-touch markers. When a marker is scanned the corresponding video file, stored on the phone memory, is reproduced. The project was developed for the booklet "Zooming out of the desktop" written by Giuseppe Costanza as part of his work at Central Saint Martins.