Core Team

The core team for d-touch on desktop computers and the audio applications is: The research on mobile applications of d-touch was largely part of Enrico Costanza's PhD at EPFL Media and Design Lab - please refer to the specific credits on that part of the website.


Since 2002 d-touch received help and support in different forms from: Tal Drori, Giuseppe Costanza, John Robinson, Rebecca Allen, Pattie Maes, Jeffrey Huang, Giovanni Sollima, Justen Hyde, Dan Parnham, Sam Inverso (x3 and counting..), Jorge Santiago, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Cyrielle Hanser, Patricia Perez, François-Xavier Aeberhard, Andoni Galdos, mc schraefel, Luc Moreau, Stephan Scheuermann, Martin Warne, Lance Draper, David Lowries, Augustinas Grieze.


For any enquiries, including removal of your data from this website or from our database, please contact info {at} d-touch {dot} org