New release of the audio d-touch drum machine and sequencer! Download here! (Registration needed). If you have not seen them before, here is more information.

We initially launched audio d-touch in summer 2009 and received a great response (200+ hours total usage, 400+ users trying the applications, 1200+ registrations). Thanks to the feedback and comments we received from people all over the World (that’s you!), and through the analysis of the interaction logs we collected, we learned about a number of ways to improve the d-touch drum machine and sequencer applications.
If you would like to know more about the first release and what we learned from it, you can find all the details on this paper.

As part of a user-centred design process, now we are launching a new release of the d-touch drum machine and d-touch sequencer with the following new features:

New! On-screen visualiser
The latest beta release of d-touch includes an on-screen visualiser. Experience d-touch with dynamic visual feedback!

Import your sounds.
Import your own .wav files into the application choosing which line (drum machine) or colour (sequencer) to assign them to.

Fine adjustment of loop duration.
To more easily synchronize the d-touch instruments with other audio sources you can now finely adjust the duration of the drum machine and sequencer loops.

Tangible tempo controls in the drum machine.
You can now use the loop duration dice and the start and end blocks in the d-touch drum machine (this feature used to be only in the sequencer).

Work offline.
As part of our research, we are monitoring the usage of the applications, and this requires an Internet connection. Now the applications include a network buffer, so you can work off-line for up to 3 hours. After this time, you will need to go on-line, so that the buffer can be emptied (the applications will upload the content to our server) and then you can go off-line again. Note that to work off-line you will first need to activate the applications while you are on-line.

Improved setup feedback.
The audio d-touch applications now provide more specific feedback to help you setup the webcam and adjust the light in your room to get the best d-touch experience. Check out the new setup instructions.

Working with more cameras.
We improved the d-touch marker recognition to work with more cameras than before. If you notice that the d-touch image recognition is erratic clicking on the “blur” button in the audio d-touch GUI should help.

Automatic updates.
The applications can now detect when new versions become available on and automatically download them for you.