The d-touch drum sequencer is freely available for download (Registration needed)! Please try it out and spread the word!

The d-touch sequencer is an electronic sequencer with a tangible interface: it is controlled by placing and arranging physical objects on an A4 piece of paper, which we call the interactive area.

The d-touch sequencer is the older brother of the d-touch drum machine. In the d-touch sequencer it is possible to record sounds live assigning them on the fly to blocks. The d-touch sequencer interactive area contains two large playback areas, a small record area and a small store pattern area (both on the top right of the interface). The playback areas are two sequencer tracks, here the horizontal position of the blocks controls the timing of their sounds within the loop, while the vertical position controls the playback volume; the rotation of the blocks determines their playback speed. By placing a block in the record area the current live input to the sound card gets recorded on that block. Similarly by placing a block in the storing area, the current content of the playback areas gets stored on that block. Three special blocks are also available: a pair of start and end blocks can be used to let just one part of the loop to play, while a tempo dice allows to select the loop duration.

The following video shows the d-touch sequencer in action:

More videos of the sequencer are available in the concerts section.

The d-touch sequencer is much more fun to use than to watch!
Download (registration needed) and build your own d-touch sequencer! Have fun and at the same time help us with our research!