The d-touch drum machine and the d-touch sequencer are part of a research experiment in Human-Computer Interaction. We are trying to understand more about people interacting with tangible user interfaces. The audio d-touch instruments are in fact examples of tangible user interfaces: interfaces controlled by arranging physical tokens in the real world (rather than, for example, icons on a computer screen). We observe real-world usage of this kind of interfaces to inform the design of future systems that may better serve users.

We believe to be the first ones attempting to run this kind of experiment.

To enable our research, the d-touch drum machine and sequencer usage is logged on our server. We record the time and the position of the blocks used in the interface (in terms of x- and y-coordinates and rotation) and any sounds imported or recorded through the applications. This data is used for academic research purposes only, and if published it will appear only in anonymous format. If at any point you would like to have your data removed from our systems, please contact us through the contact page and we will promptly remove it.

Please tell us what you think! Post your impressions about using the d-touch drum machine on our forum and share videos and photos as indicated on the community page.

More information about the audio d-touch research can be found on this paper.