This page contains shared material about the use of the audio d-touch system. Please contribute to our collection!

Show us how you use the d-touch drum machine and sequencer! Upload videos on our you-tube group, or share photos on flickr and tag them "d-touch drum machine" -- email us, blog or twit about your experience with the d-touch drum machine.

First user video for the sequencer! By bassandread

Promo video about d-touch for a hands-on worshop in Aosta, Italy. By LOVEBYTES.

Uncut marker strips for fast beats. By AlienKarma1512

Wooden blocks & fisheye. By EATYone

A virtual tangible user interface? By control617

A great video by Jennifer Wetzel-Thomas and Matthew Thibeault (University of Illinois).

The drum machine seen through the computer screen. Additional reverberation? By alivingdandy.

The first user generated video! By cybermolex. Please note that in this video an early version of the drum machine is in use, and because of a bug the sound is not very good. In the current version of the software this bug is fixed, so your drum machine should not sound like this! (if it does, please let us know through the forum)